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Paralegal Day Proclamation 2014

Paralegal Day Proclamation 2014

Lexington-Urban County Council
Fayette Circuit Court

Fayette Circuit Court

Fayette County is one of the three original Kentucky counties established in 1780, twelve years before Kentucky became the fifteenth state
Kentucky State Capital

Kentucky State Capital

Kentucky's Capitol is the fourth permanent building since statehood in 1792
Downtown Louisville

Downtown Louisville

The downtown business district of Louisville is located immediately south of the Ohio River, and southeast of the Falls of the Ohio

Tammy L. Smith was elected by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (“NFPA”) delegates at the 2016 Annual Convention in Burlington, Vermont. She will be representing NFPA in the position of American Bar Association (“ABA”) Approval Commission Representative.

Tammy will serve a three-year term and will be officially appointed by the ABA in August 2017.

Current Events

GLPA - For CLE and event information, visit www.lexingtonparalegals.com.
LAP - For CLE and event information, visit www.loupara.org.
NKAP  - For CLE and event information, visit www.nkyparalegals.org.
SKAP - For CLE and event information, see www.kypa.org/Associations/SKAP and check out SKAP’s Facebook page.
WKP - For WKP CLE and event information, visit: www.westernkyparalegals.com.

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The KPA provides an opportunity to be involved on many different committees throughout the year with varying degrees of time commitment:

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If you are interested in learning more or being on a committee, please contact:  kentuckyparalegalassociation@gmail.com

The Profession

Why be a paralegal?

Law is a fascinating and often rewarding profession, but many people don’t have the time, money or opportunity to go to law school. If you are interested in a law career but don’t wish to be a practicing attorney, then becoming a paralegal may be just the thing for you.  (Learn More)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why get certified?

The Certified Kentucky Paralegal Program is a great step to take and we have been hearing that there are employers now looking at the certification as a positive, additional commitment toward our profession. 

A Certified Paralegal signifies that a paralegal is capable of providing superior services to firms and corporations. It a sign that a paralegal has the understanding and the background associated with the ethics and the rules needed to be a fully trained and educated paralegal.  (See More)

How to start.
There has never been a more exciting time to become a paralegal.  (Learn how)