Heather S. Davis, CKP : 2016-2017 KPA President
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A paralegal/legal assistant is a person qualified through education, training or work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts and is customarily, not exclusively, performed by a lawyer.

KPA's Purpose

To serve as a unified voice for Kentucky paralegals on any and all issues affecting their profession. To encourage educational programs and training of paralegals and to promote continuing education of paralegals in the legal profession. To cooperate with the Kentucky Bar Association, American Bar Association and local bar associations. To promote ethics and high standards of professionalism. To inform paralegals of developments in the profession; to act as a forum for exchanging ideas and disseminating information. To encourage the expanded use and full utilization of paralegals in all aspects of the legal profession. To further promote the working relationship between paralegals and attorneys working in law offices, corporations and government agencies. To increase the awareness of the public, the Judiciary and the legal community on the scope of paralegal responsibilities.

The Association

The need for a state paralegal organization had been recognized for years and the groundwork was laid at the first paralegal Forum held in Louisville, Kentucky in November 1989. Following the Forum, organizational meetings were held and the Kentucky Paralegal Association (KPA) was officially formed with the filing of the Articles of Incorporation in September, 1990.

The Organization

The KPA is governed by a Board of Directors and Officers which are elected by the voting membership on an annual basis.