Heather S. Davis, CKP : 2016-2017 KPA President
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KPA 2016-2017 Board of Directors & Committee Chairpersons

Heather S. Davis, CKP


Melissa Reynolds, CKP

Director of Certification 

Melanie Chenot, CKP

Director of Public Relations

Tammy Smith, CKP


Debby Ewen, CKP

Director of Member Relations 

Christina Inskeep, CKP

Director of Ways and Means

Sherry Ramsey, CKP


Debra L. Gibby, RP, CKP

Director of Professional Development

Mary Campbell, CKP

GLAP Liaison

Katie Flora, CKP


Leslie Miles Smith

Director of Student Relations

Tammy Rhodus, CKP

LAP Liaison

Melissa Bradford, CKP

NKAP Liaison

Tammy Phelps, CKP

SKAP Liaison

Tiffany Carlson, CKP

WKP Liaison