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Section 9.01 of the KPA’s Professional Standards and Certification Program policy requires a CKP to earn and report a minimum of eight (8) credits of KPACC-approved CLE activity credits annually, which must include two (2) CLE Ethics credits.  A CKP passing the CKP Exam administered in the Spring must earn a minimum of four (4) credits of KPACC-approved CLE during the remainder of the initial calendar year of certification which must include one (1) CLE Ethics Credit.  To receive credit for CLE activity for the 2018 calendar year, all credits must be earned by December 31, 2018, and reported to KPACC no later than January 31, 2019.  

CLE submissions must include a completed KPACC CLE Certificate of Attendance Form AND supporting documentation from the CLE provider. If you have been notified that a 2018 credit submission requires additional documentation or clarification, the additional information must be received by January 31, 2019.  Please note that Section 9.01(A)(3) limits non-live credits earned by technological transmission to four (4) credits per year. Additional specifics regarding the Continuing Legal Education Credit Standards are set out under Section 9.02 of the policy.

CKPs are also required by Section 5.05 of the policy to maintain continuous membership in the KPA by submitting a current KPA Membership Application annually AND paying KPA dues, fees, fines or other monies by January 31 each year. Information regarding 2019 Membership Renewal is posted on the KPA website at

If you believe you will be unable to meet your annual CLE or Membership requirements, you may be eligible to avoid disciplinary action with an extension for compliance under Section 10.03 of the Policy.  Extensions for compliance under this Section are limited to one extension per CKP every three years.  Requests for extensions must be submitted in writing on or before January 31, 2019, using the applicable CKP Request for Extension form to KPACC .

Links to the KPA Professional Standards and Certification Program Policy and CKP Forms are posted below. 

If you have any questions, please contact KPACC at


PURPOSE The purpose of the Kentucky Paralegal Association’s Certified Kentucky Paralegal Program is to implement Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3.700 for paralegals in Kentucky by establishing a procedure for paralegal certification, which will promote competence and high standards of professional responsibility, including the Kentucky Paralegal Association’s Paralegal Professional Standards of Conduct. This is accomplished by setting minimum training, work experience, and education requirements for eligibility to be a designated Certified Kentucky Paralegal. The ultimate purpose of this self-regulation program is to improve the quality of legal service in Kentucky and make it more readily available to the public. Certification of qualifications and commitment to high professional and ethical standards by paralegals will lead to appropriate recognition of the substantial and essential contribution paralegals make to the provision of legal services in Kentucky.

QUESTIONS:  If you have additional questions regarding the KPA's Certified Kentucky Paralegal Program, please contact the Kentucky Paralegal Association Certification Committee (KPACC) directly at POLICY:  View the KPA's Professional Standards and Certification Program Policy HERE.

OFFICIAL CKP ROSTER:  View the KPA's Official Certified Kentucky Paralegal (CKP) Roster HERE. For verification of good standing, please contact KPACC at 


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