Heather S. Davis, CKP : 2016-2017 KPA President
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PURPOSE: "The purpose of the Kentucky Paralegal Association’s Certified Kentucky Paralegal Program is to implement Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3.700 for paralegals in Kentucky by establishing a procedure for paralegal certification, which will promote competence and high standards of professional responsibility, including the Kentucky Paralegal Association’s Paralegal Professional Standards of Conduct. This is accomplished by setting minimum training, work experience, and education requirements for eligibility to be a designated Certified Kentucky Paralegal. The ultimate purpose of this self-regulation program is to improve the quality of legal service in Kentucky and make it more readily available to the public. Certification of qualifications and commitment to high professional and ethical standards by paralegals will lead to appropriate recognition of the substantial and essential contribution paralegals make to the provision of legal services in Kentucky.

FALL 2017 CKP EXAMINATION: The Fall CKP Examination will be offered on Saturday, November 4, 2017, in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Louisville Bar Association, 600 West Main Street, Suite 110, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. An optional CKP Exam Review Session will be held from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m., and the Examination will be given at 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. The application deadline for the Fall CKP Examination is October 24, 2017.

QUESTIONS: If you have additional questions regarding the KPA's Certified Kentucky Paralegal Program after reviewing the materials posted on the website, please contact the Kentucky Paralegal Association Certification Committee (KPACC) at kpa.kpacc@gmail.com.  


If you have any questions regarding certification, please contact the Kentucky Paralegal Association Certification Committee (KPACC) at kpa.kpacc@gmail.com

The minimum education requirements for eligibility to take the CKP examination are:

  • Graduation from an ABA approved course of paralegal studies (Official transcript required); or
  • Graduation from a paralegal course of study which is not ABA approved, but is in substantial compliance with ABA approval guidelines (Official transcript required); or
  • Graduation from an appropriately accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in any field (Official transcript required) plus one (1) year of paralegal work experience verified by the supervising lawyer (on form provided with application); or
  • As of May 14, 2012 , a minimum of 5 years work experience as a paralegal performing substantive legal tasks under the supervision and direction of a licensed attorney. Said experience must be attested to by the paralegal’s supervising attorney (on form provided with application) and verified by the Kentucky Paralegal Association Certification Committee.
  • Any person with a minimum of five (5) years of verifiable work experience as a paralegal, accrued prior to May 14, 2012, will be given constructive credit for the education requirements. Intent to seek constructive credit must be submitted to the CKPP, Inc., on a form provided by the CKPP, Inc.
  • Applicants must submit documentary verification of completion of education and work experience requirements.
  • KPA membership is not required to sit for the exam but, once certified, KPA membership is required to maintain CKP status.

Please e-mail the Kentucky Paralegal Association Certification Committee (KPACC) at kpa.kpacc@gmail.com with questions.

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